Everything But You

Verse 1                                                                   key of F
Once upon a time he’d read to me
Tucked in tight at the end of the day
And before I’d close my eyes at night
He’d kiss my cheek and he’d say;
A                                  C
Take my hand lets run through time
F                                    Bb
We’ll go through smiles and into rhymes
Dart by trees like they are standing still
Over steep mountain peaks lit by the moon
Changing everything; everything but you
We’ll chase after the wind and let it all go
Flying over clouds across the wild blue
Changing everything; everything but you
We will change everything but not you

Verse 2
He’s the one that is right for me
Love and kindness all over his face
And using his most charming smile
Dropped to one knee and started to say;

Bridge (after second chorus)
I’ll change everything except for you

Verse 3
Side by side all these years
Through all the sun and the rain
I could not tell you thanks enough
So instead I will just have to say;



Here we go.   Starting my first song.


Some Ideas – Feel free to use for your songs too

I have been making a list of things I may want to do for songs.  Here are few, but I am not going to start writing them until the 20th.


1. Drowned out the silence in my head

2. In time my feeling may change



adding your own post on the site

I’m adding a link in the sidebar so you can write stuff here. this is the page you can bookmark if you like:

or you can just use the “post something to the site” link at the top of the sidebar.

it’ll ask you to log in, then take you to a page where you can fill stuff in. remember to hit “publish” before you close the window, or all your lovely words will die a horrible flaming death. with cheez whiz. that’s the worst kind of flaming death.


restringing a classical guitar

my battered old yamaha needed strings when we got it (traded 5 minutes of sue’s time on a web task for it; yeehaw!)

I let it sit around for months wishing I had five bucks for strings and one day opened the gig bag and I already had some (bought ’em the day I got the guitar. d’oh.)

no ball ends or anything cool; knots behind the bridge. never done hand-tied strings before, but it worked out. now I have to play it every day to get the strings worn in so they’ll hold a tuning.

how ’bout you? what are you doing to get your gear ready?


first 333 challenge begins sunday, november 20th

get out your quills and inkwell. tune up your lute. clear a table near a sunny window.

as soon as it’s november 20th where you are, start writing.

some time before then, you’ll have access to post your lyrics and ideas and pleas for help on this site, and get all the help we can muster.

it all wraps up at midnight, saturday the 26th.