That’s Not Me

He should have been inside dancing with you
When you caught him out back with Suzy Q
Even at that age it is easy to see
How a boy should act and what to do

Pre -Chorus
But that not me
Those aren’t the things I’d say
Nor how I’d be
No, that’s not me

I’d write a song for you and sing throughout the day
Until I knew every line with my heart and my mind
I’d keep you safe and sheltered from year to year
You’d sparkle in my eye to brighten up the sky
I’d write you sonnets and whisper them in your ear
Until you knew every line, your heart and mine

Shards of broken word lingering through the nights
His apologies couldn’t cover the marks he left
Something’s go way back to more innocent times
Betrayal brought about the dark and gloomy skies

2 thoughts on “That’s Not Me”

  1. So here is the problem with this song. I don’t thnik the chorus matches the verses. What do you think. Maybe if I knew why it does not feel right…Help me out guys. :)

  2. Matches, how? I see a definite story here, the classic “he’s not the right one for you, because I am.”

    The lines are longer in the chorus, but that’s not a real problem. I think with a little polish on the flow, and deciding whether to rhyme or not (some places it does, which sets an expectation, then when it doesn’t, it feels odd) but overall, I think you’ve got a good love song here.

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