afawmmodations (n.)
allowances friends and families must make to a participating FAWM member so he/she can continue to write and record songs without distraction
bought the FAWM (v.)
what happens to someone trying to write 13 of their 14 songs on the last day of February
cuneifawm (n.)
the early writings of the founding fawmers
defawmillation (n.)
the rapid beating of a fawmers foot following a month of fawming. Can be fatal.
defawmillator (n.)
a device used to shock fawmers out of defawmillation
fampulsive (adj.)
the state of being consumed by FAWM; e.g. checking the forums or your song comments every five minutes, writing music (or about music) instead of caring for the duties of everyday life [a fundamental test of sanity in some states]
fawm (v.)
1. to participate in the FAWM challenge. 2. to decide a song is "good enough" and move on to the next one (ex. "I totally fawmed it."). 3. to leave comments and forum posts full of extravagant praise (ex. "They've really been fawming over my strangle disco.")
fawm widow / -er (n.)
significant other of a fawmer, thoroughly neglected for the month of February save for (possibly) the 14th
fawmaphobia (n.)
the fear of being overcome by fawmnambulence
fawmative (adj.)
these are, indeed, the FAWMative years of my music
fawmbie (n.)
a participant in FAWM who has the appearance of the undead; i.e. has gone an entire month without sleep, has their brain completely turned to matters FAWM and not work, school, etc..., wanders about muttering "strangle disco"
fawmburger (n.)
any meal (or handful of food) hastily prepared and eaten while fawming
fawmendium (n.)
a new element to be added to the periodic table. Exists for a short time at the end of February. Molecular weight is unknown. It appears to be in a soulful gas if left undisturbed, but can change to a heavy metal when the atmospheric conditions are met. Known to become quite unstable if it isn't controlled and can cause individuals to become fawmaphobic
fawmentation (n.)
the songs that brew and fester until the last few days of FAWM. (similar to a chemistry experiment where a beaker lays idle for weeks and then suddenly explodes) The process can also cause intoxication
fawmentum (n.)
the longer you've been a fawmer, the more widely you're known in the community, and the more likely you are to get listened, discussed, referred, and commented
fawmer (n.)
fawmer's daughter (n.)
daughter of fawm participants. Immortalized historically in many jokes and off-color song lyrics written during February. (be careful; it's like insulting someone's mother.)
fawmie (n.; portmanteau of fawmer + homie) [affectionate connotation]
1. fellow fawmer living nearby 2. fellow fawmer just a click-click away
fawmily (n.)
brothers and sisters in fawmsanity. All hail the great fawmfathers...
fawming (v.)
the act of completing the FAWM challenge
fawmished (adj.)
the feeling one gets when they finish recording the perfect demo and realize that they haven't eaten in two days. 2. when you complete your last song for FAWM
fawmism (n.)
this list
fawmista (n.; 'fah MEES tah')
an excessively exuberant fawmer (q.v.)
fawmista widow (n.)
significant other who knows darn well the 14th will be accompanied by cries of "half gone! it's half gone" and not roses, chocolate, or other niceties
fawmistice (n.)
when you finish #14 on the 27th, the 28th is declared fawmistice day, an effective end of the war
fawmit (v.)
to purge the mind of garbage music/lyrics so that room can be made for other songs 2. expletive. "Oh fawmit!"
fawmling (n.)
newcomer to FAWM
fawmlit (n.)
tasty midnight snack during the wee hours of the night between takes of a demo that just isn't working
fawmma (n.)
used to hurl insults at another songwriter, as in, "Your fawmma's so fat...."
fawmnambulence (n.)
medical condition of dazed look and bags under eyes and constantly feeling the need for sleep (particularly after eating a heavy meal or while operating heavy machinery) for days at a time after writing and recording FAWM songs until 3am over and over and over and over and... According to WebMD, persons with fawmnambulence should be left alone as long as they are not harming themselves. Extended periods of fawmnambulence often result in the victim becoming completely fawmatose
fawmography (n.)
songwriting makes me want more songwriting
fawmollowing (v.)
to weave your way through the fawmer list by following other watch list
fawmology (n.)
1. the study of FAWM and related fawmnomena including, by extension 2a. the study of fawmers or 2b. the study of bizarre musical genre created during fawming
fawmous (adj.)
well-known throughout FAWM
fawmout (v.)
a term used to describe the burn out one feels in the middle of February while competing in FAWM 2. salutation, like 'peace out'
fawmp (n.)
the sound of an unused (often, unusable) lyric or musical snippet hitting the cutting room floor
fawmpartmentalize (v.)
to abandon and forget all other required work during the month of February
fawmpetitive (adj.)
comparing the number of comments you have to your best friends' comments
fawmpilation (n.)
annual compilation CD of 14 fawm songs
fawmsome (adj.)
just what you think it means. related forms: fawmsomely (adv.), fawmsomeness (n.)
fawmstinence (n.)
restraining oneself from indulging in something due to dedication/obsession with song completion or demo recording)
fawmys (n.)
the FAWMYs = an as yet nonexistent awards ceremony conducted at the end of each March where little golden Beethoven heads are given out in the categories such as the following: Best New fawmer Most Improved fawmer Best FAWM song Best Strangle Disco Best Overall FAWM Output fawmer of the Year
fawum (n.)
the portion of the FAWM website devoted to open discussion between fawmers
founding fawmer (n.)
Burr Settles, Eric Distad, Willis Fireball, and Matt Hopper
1. (v.)to laugh, chuckle, giggle, snicker, cackle, or roll with laughter, at FAWM humor 2. (n.) the sound made when guffawming
hardcore FAWM (n.)
the visual product of those Fawmers brave enough to make videos of their songs and put them up for the world to make comments about their physical appearance. "Honey what you watching on the internet?" "Nothing dear, just enjoying some hardcore FAWM."
infawmal (adj.)
without unnecessary structure, order, or neatness
infawmative (adj.)
gaining insight and knowledge into the art and craft of songwriting by surrounding yourself with other folks crazed enough to take on this challenge
infawmercial (n.)
reference to one of your own songs while commenting on someone else's song or in a totally unrelated forum topic
infawmnia (n.)
inability to sleep due to songwriting anxiety and/or addiction to FAWM
instant fawma (n.)
whether or not you know what it is, it's going to get you
interfawmum (n.)
the songwriting period stretching from March of one year through January of the next year, a bit of an interregnum but for songwriting, often songs are written at a slower, more deliberate rate
Maggie's fawm (n.)
the place to go to write Dylanesque fawm songs
mawm (v.)
what happens when you have leftover song ideas and write them in March, as in, "I thought I would have more free time, but I've been MAWMing all March!!
mission afawmplished (n.)
oh please make it stop
neo-fawmism (n.)
a relatively new movement to fawm year round at a location such as fawmers.com or stangledisco.com; see also, insanity
requifawm (n.)
musical composition in honor of FAWM, such as 'Requifawm for a Middle Eight'
ridiculoscolator (n.)
ridiculoso, amended, so it's less masculine when normalized for localization in other languages
ridiculosity (n.)
song, snippet, work, or opus made up for the sheer joy of absurdity
ridiculoso (n.)
person adept at ridiculosity
sakeeper (n.)
a FAWM demo deserving of being included in an artists normal repertoire or being re-recorded as a polished track.
strangle disco (n.)
music genre. hard to explain...
strangle discosity (n.)
the resistance of a songwriter to his/her sense of greater sanity to stop writing Strangle Disco tunes
thank fawm! (v.)
an exclamation heard often near the end of the month, or when the goal of 14 songs has been reached
unifawm (n.)
a t-shirt, baseball cap or other form of apparel that features the FAWM logo prominently
zong (n.)
zero-comment song
zong-busting, zonging it (v.)
to comment only on zongs